Welcome to attend the CFMS | MemoryS 2024!

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Please fill in the valid participation information. the conference will review the application eligibility strictly.





1. Participant company's main business should be related with the storage industry chain closely.
2. Participant must be in R&D, Marketing, Purchasing, Sales and other related departments.
3. Filling in detailed and correct registration information will help improve application passing rate.


1. Fill in the correct registration information.
2. You will receive the email and message "CFMS | MemoryS 2024 Registration Successfully" when your application is passed. The email and SMS contain the registration code and QR code for sign-in.
3. After submitting the registration information, you can click here to enter the enquiry of the registration results.
4. On the day of the meeting, please attend meeting and exchange with attendance card.

CFMS | MemoryS 2024 Audience Rights:

1. CFMS | MemoryS 2024 Bag (sign-in gift/brochure);
2. Lunch (invitation code priority);
3. Tea break;
4. Visit and exchange;
5. Free parking coupons at the conference hotel.

CFMS | MemoryS 2024 Participants' Privacy Rule

(1) Respecting and protecting the privacy of participants is the core principle of CFMS | MemoryS 2024. CFMS | MemoryS 2024 will use and protect the information of enterprises and personnel according to law and regulations, and ensure the information security of enterprises and personnel.
(2) The registration information system of CFMS | MemoryS 2024 participants is automatically encrypted. Without the authorization and consent of the participants, CFMS | MemoryS 2024 will not disclose any personal information of the participants, such as name, telephone, e-mail and company information. It is only used when the participants enjoy CFMS | MemoryS 2024 conference services. In addition, it is strictly prohibited to disclose the information in any types.

If there is any question, please


Industry analysts

1. Provide industry-related articles or a web link to the articles signed by you that published in the last three months;

2. Provide industry-related articles or a web link to the articles that cited you as industry analysts that published in the last three months;

3. Provide an industry analysis report or research report published in the last three months that signed by you;

4. Provide a business card (picture) with your media/Company Name, department, name, and title.

(meet any two of the first three requirements)

Web Media News Editors and Journalists

1. Please provide the link on the website or WeChat public account of the lateast news;

2. The portal or WeChat public account must be established for more than one year, and the original news should be updated independently and regularly, at least update 2-3 times a week;

3. Articles published in a certain section of the portal or the WeChat public account must be related to industries such as technology, electronics, semiconductors, and integrated circuits;

4. Please provide 2-3 industry-related original signed articles published in the past three months, including your name and the title as an editor or reporter.


Media participant notice:

1. Please provide the information according to the applicant's qualification requirements, and send an email to through your enterprise email address;

2. Please fill in the genuine information and carefully read the application conditions and requirements before applying;

3. The qualification requirements for the applicant are full-time journalists, online media in the technology industry or self-media, industry analysts, and the media or industry analysis must be the applicant's main business.

Notes for media participation:

1. After the qualification is passed, industry analysts, online media and journalists will receive media certificates from the China Flash Market Summit;

2. The text/content editor, publisher and non-editing supervisor or owner that does not meet the media industry analyst admission card requirements, or does not provide sufficient qualifications. CFMS | MemoryS 2024 will retain the right not to provide admission card for them;

3. If you do not meet the above application requirements, you will not be able to apply for a certificate through the media channel, but you can register alternatively through the audience channel.

The media service:

1. One-on-one media interview;
2. Provide the media seating area of the main venue;
3. HandBag with summit document(Sign-in Ceremony, Enterprise Information);
4. Conference lunch;
5. VIP Exchange Zone;
6. On-site visits and exchanges;
7. Free parking tickets;
8. Media reception services.


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